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Laying the foundation: 175th to 183rd Street under Grand Concourse, Bronx, c 1928-1931

Vanguard Construction Solutions, LLC provides professional remote and on-site vibration monitoring services to the construction industry. Vibration monitoring is necessary and often required by many city, state and federal regulations during the pre-construction and construction phases of projects. Our services are imperative to the protection of owners and developers against damage claims by adjacent building owners. Our remote and on-site vibration monitoring services are combined with our comprehensive and thorough proprietary reporting to help protect our clients from unsubstantiated litigation. We determine the impact your construction projects may have on surrounding structures and communities, bringing potential causes of concern to your attention before they have the opportunity to develop into issues.

Vanguard is located in the New York City metro area, and serves New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Massachusetts. Our vibration monitoring project experience includes high-rise office buildings, schools, residential towers, hospitals, boutique and luxury hotels, highways, and bridges. Our vibration monitoring consultants are readily available to answer your questions during all phases of your project.

Our Vibration Monitoring services process:

  • Determine your construction activities
  • Guide you through local laws and building codes such as New York City’s TPPN 10/88 (Historical Building Local Law) when applicable.
  • Design a Vibration Monitoring Control Plan that will measure and record peak particle velocities and frequency of seismic activity generated by construction activity.
  • Implementation and rollout of the Vibration Monitoring Control Plan.
  • Comprehensive and timely summary report.

Your Vibration Monitoring contract will include:

  • Highly accurate equipment and monitoring systems
  • Immediate notification of readings (Remote Monitoring) prior to the possible event of exceeded vibration levels
  • Compliance with MTA, LIRR, NJT regulations for Tunnel Monitoring, when applicable
  • Highly dependable and skilled on-site technicians for your extra sensitive projects such as pile driving and MTA Tunnel Monitoring.
  • Comprehensive, thorough and timely reports.

Monitoring takes place at the closest vibration sensitive building to your construction operation. Our consultants are well versed with local laws and building codes including New York City’s TPPN 10/88. This regulation requires construction owners and developers to provide a complete monitoring control campaign for any Historical Building within a 90’ lateral distance to any construction.

Remote Vibration Monitoring vs. On-site Vibration Monitoring:

Our seismographs and equipment can be left unattended. They will trigger when an emission level exceeds a predetermined set level. You will receive immediate notification of readings prior to an event that may lead to excessive vibration levels. However, it is recommended that during heavy construction phases such as pile driving that your construction site is monitored on-site by our vibration monitoring technicians.

Our monitoring plans include: Vibration Monitoring, Pre-Construction Surveys, Crack Gauge Monitoring and Horizontal and Vertical Control.

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