Vanguard Construction Solutions is a leading seller of seismographs designed specifically for construction vibration monitoring needs. Vibration analysis is critical to any construction project, whether the vibration source is blasting, pile driving, heavy construction equipment or another man-made activity; our seismographs can do the job.

We recommend Mini-Seis III™ and Mini-Seis™ seismographs because they provide the best value for all types of vibration monitoring. As an authorized distributor of White Industrial Seismology products, we can provide the support services needed to have confidence in your seismograph purchase.

Mini-Seis III

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The Mini-Seis III™ is our next generation seismograph. It features over 500 MB of on-board memory, as well as USB support for computer communication and writing data to a USB thumb drive. Operating modes include Waveform, Histogram, Histogram/Waveform and Manual Trigger Modes. A system log tracks when the instrument is turned on and off, changes to the operational setup, and whether or not any triggers occurred during a waveform operation. Options include A-weighting and special ranges. This package is available at an affordable price.

  • Easy-to-read display
  • Designed for low power
  • Sampling rates from 1024 to 4096 over 4 channels, rates of 8192, 16384 and 65536 are in development
  • Waveform duration from 1 to 120 seconds over all sample rates
  • Selectable 16 or 12 bit resolution when retrieving data
  • Memory storage for over one thousand waveform and histogram records
  • Direct data retrieval via USB and/or USB thumb drive
  • Serial baud rates up to 230400
  • External printing option
  • Remote access with approved cellular modem
  • Waveform, Histogram, Histogram/Waveform and Manual operating modes
  • Special sensitivity options
  • A weighted sound option


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The Mini-Seis™ seismograph without exception remains the best value for a blast monitoring seismograph. This instrument has stood the test of time. If you need a low-cost seismograph that is accurate, rugged and reliable, the Mini-Seis™ is the perfect choice.

  • Lightweight and easy to use.
  • Includes convenient carrying case.
  • Costs much less than comparable seismographs.
  • Maintenance and calibration costs are also less.
  • Rugged and shielded against RF interference.
  • Keypad and display for easy field setup and data review.
  • External seismic package and microphone interchangeable between units of like sensitivity.
  • Selectable seismic and acoustic recording range, seismic and acoustic trigger level, sample rate and record duration.
  • Excellent power management.
  • Rechargeable internal battery.
  • Can use either AC or DC power for long term monitoring.
  • Wave form (self-trigger and manual-trigger) and continuous bar graph (histogram) modes.
  • Sophisticated, non-loss data compression results in small record sizes and fast data transfer.