Any construction project, no matter the size, has the potential to affect the safety and integrity of surrounding structures. Construction activities such as demolition, excavation and pile driving tend to produce vibrations that, if they exceed a certain level of intensity, can cause structural movement in neighboring buildings. These movements can compromise the integrity of these structures and, by proximity, the safety of building occupants and even passersby.

In a densely-populated city such as New York, there are many other considerations not readily apparent to the untrained eye. The effects of construction vibrations can affect nearby bridges, tunnels, overpasses and more, so the importance of accurate construction monitoring cannot be overstated.

What Is Total Station?

Vanguard Construction Solutions installs and maintains critical instruments used for monitoring the movements of these structures. One of these instruments is the highly-precise automated motorized total station (AMTS), a robotic laser monitoring tool used in optical surveying. Total Station, or theodolites, measure the distance, angle and elevation between two set points, recording measurements that show any potential movement happening as a result of nearby construction. Engineers analyze these recordings to determine if changes need to be made to the construction activities in order to lower the risk of damages; if no reasonable adjustments are possible, construction can be temporarily or permanently halted until a solution is identified.

Advantages of Robotic Total Station

Quality assurance
Real-time data delivery

Reduced rework
Remotely controlled
Risk management
Enhanced Safety

Our automated motorized total stations are a top choice for projects that require continuous monitoring. Once installed, our units operate completely unmanned, delivering real-time reporting and highly accurate documentation directly to the project management and engineering teams for analysis and, if necessary, action.

Why Choose Vanguard?

Vanguard is a top trusted choice for construction monitoring and optical surveying in the NYC area. We recognize the importance of the accuracy of the documentation we provide in relation to vibration monitoring, optical surveying and crack gauge monitoring. This information is crucial not only to the safety of the project, but also in terms of risk management. That’s why we only use instrumentation that we trust, and we maintain our tools diligently to ensure they’re always in top working order.