Cracks occur in most buildings and structures. Before your construction project commences, it is highly recommended that you locate all existing cracks in a pre-construction survey that includes neighboring buildings. This will protect your company against undue litigation.

After the initial survey, crack gauges should be accurately installed to monitor changes in existing cracks throughout the entire construction process. These gauges also monitor crack movements over a period of time to determine what structural problems exist with the structure.

Our Crack Monitoring Process:

  • Identifies and photographs crack locations in your project building, as well as neighboring buildings, prior to and after the installation of crack gauges.
  • Allows you to monitor cracks remotely
  • Monitors crack gauges on a weekly basis & submits a findings report.

Did you know?

In New York City construction projects, existing crack monitoring is a requirement according to the TPPN 10/88 regulation and highly recommended if substantial cracks exist in adjacent buildings.

NYC Crack Gauge Monitoring
NYC Construction Crack Gauge Monitoring