Noise during construction and building work can be a nuisance to local residents or businesses. A sound monitoring plan will help build a better relationship with the surrounding community, and agencies to prevent costly delays or penalties during your construction project. Complaints typically arise when the community has no clear understanding of the extent or duration of the construction.

In New York City, Local Law 113 has been implemented to help control the noise levels emitted from construction sites and mandates that sound monitoring should be conducted if your site is located near a school, library, nursing home, and/or hospital.

The Vanguard team will provide you with a comprehensive noise monitoring plan with three comprehensive steps:

  • Assessment and Reporting
    • Construction boundary monitoring
    • Demolition noise monitoring
    • Blast noise monitoring
    • Pile driving noise monitoring
    • Equipment noise monitoring
  • Construction Specifications and Mitigation
  • Compliance Verification
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