NYC Seismograph DurabilityWhy Choose a Mini-Seis?

We could talk all day long about the benefits of a Mini-Seis seismograph, but the proof is in the pudding.

Here’s a fascinating, true story of seismograph survival from White Seismology:

During blasting alongside a bridge, an 8-ton boulder landed on White Seismology‘s White Unit, which comes with an orange protective case. It’s hard to imagine that any piece of monitoring equipment could survive that kind of stress.

And yet, amazingly, the unit continued monitoring for an entire week on it’s own internal battery — it even produced data!

An 8-ton boulder didn’t stop their scrappy White Unit Mini-Seis from monitoring for a full week.

Let’s see the competition do that!

NYC Durable Seismograph Sales

NYC Seismograph Sales